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How infrastructure is transforming and empowering SMEs
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By Karen Reddington, President, Asia Pacific, FedEx Express
文章來源: http://supplychainasia.org/infrastructure-transforming-empowering-smes/
When most people think of infrastructure, a clear picture of new roads, rail lines, airports, power supplies and communication networks comes to mind.
But the power of infrastructure goes way beyond that.
 Modern, efficient infrastructure is powering and transforming economies, improving connectivity and boosting competitiveness.


Asia has greatest need for infrastructure investment

G20全球基礎設施中心展望預計,到2040年,全球將需要94萬億美元的基礎設施投資。其中一半以上是來自亞洲需要的- 特別是中國、印度和日本。亞洲開發銀行估計,到2030年,僅亞太地區每年就需要1.5萬億美元的基礎設施投資,以跟上經濟快速的增長。
The G20 Global Infrastructure Hub outlook expects the world will need US$94 trillion of infrastructure investment by 2040. More than half of that is needed in Asia – particularly China, India and Japan. The Asian Development Bank estimates the entire Asia Pacific alone needs US$1.5 trillion annually in infrastructure investment until 2030 to keep pace with economic growth.

基礎設施建設完全是為了改善連通性,聯邦快遞對於連接世界動能透過推動貿易增長的努力,有驚人成果。例如,聯邦快遞從廣州的APAC中心到孟菲斯的世界中心的服務新網絡,為亞太地區公司提供了直接連接北美及其他地區客戶的途徑。近年來,聯邦快遞還擴大了區域中心- 從新加坡到上海和大阪- 通過開拓新技術和基礎設施來促進貿易,特別是對中小型企業(SME)的幫助。
Infrastructure building is all about improving connectivity, and FedEx is supportive of efforts to connect the world and drive increased trade. For instance, the new route from our APAC hub in Guangzhou to our World Hub in Memphis gives Asia-Pacific companies a direct connection to reach customers in North America and beyond. We have also expanded our regional hubs in recent years – from Singapore to Shanghai and Osaka – by pioneering new technology and infrastructure to facilitate trade, especially for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

中小企業- 如果你建立它,機會有可能隨之降臨
SMEs – If you build it, they will come

各種基礎設施的轉型力量為許多小公司提供了公平的競爭環境。 我們每天都在幫助中小企業加強- 無論是通過新的陸地和航線,還是電子海關等技術- 進入曾經對他們無法實現的世界貿易市場。
The transformational power of all kinds of infrastructure has levelled the playing field for lots of smaller companies. Every day we assist SMEs to step up – whether through new land and air routes, or digital technology such as e-customs – to access world markets which were once unattainable.

More than 98% of all businesses in Asia Pacific are SMEs who depend on modern supply chains and infrastructure to sell and compete in the global marketplace. That’s particularly important as Asia continues to post explosive e-commerce growth.

亞洲仍然是全球最大的電子商務市場- 2017年電子商務銷售額增長超過30%來到1.3萬億美元,其中近83%來自中國。電子商務對於跨境貿易而言,是經濟增長最快速也可能會是一種突如其來的機遇。
Asia remains the world’s largest e-commerce market– with retail e-commerce sales jumping more than 30% in 2017 to US$1.3 trillion, with almost 83% of that from China alone. Cross-border trade in e-commerce is one of the biggest areas of growth and opportunity.

至少有超過70%全球的消費是在線上購物且以跨境購買占最大宗,2017年亞太地區的印度、中國和韓國增幅最大。為這一蓬勃發展的跨境電子商務貿易的服務,其跨境供應鏈發生了顯著變化- 單靠運輸是不夠的。全球跨境電子商務必須得到高度複雜且綿密陸海空服務網絡的生態系統來參與其商業活動。
At least 70% of global online shoppers have made a cross-border purchase, and Asia-Pacific saw the biggest year-on-year increases in 2017, led by India, China and South Korea. The supply chains which serve this booming cross-border e-commerce trade have changed markedly – and transport alone is not enough.  Global cross-border e-commerce must be supported by a highly complex ecosystem.

It’s this digital infrastructure which is helping to transform Asia’s SMEs by giving them a springboard to new business across the world.
Digital opens new doors for SMEs

從安全數位支付系統到履行、追溯、退貨和購物管理- 中小企業現在可以獲得快速智能和集成獲得解決方案,從而擴大商業鏈的選擇,使其商業靈活性和服務全面化。
From secure digital payment systems to fulfilment, tracking, returns, and shopping cart management – SMEs can now access the right intelligence and integrated solutions to expand choice, flexibility and service experience overall.

FedEx正在投資眾多創新技術- 包括人工智能,物聯網,大數據等。但以中小企業的核心因資源有限,因此完善的基礎設施以及綿密的網絡,將可企業助攻進入全球電子商務市場。這就是為什麼FedEx要通過建立創新技術及導入科技應用,如此,才能有效在此波經濟活動中扮演舉足輕重腳色,提供來自全球電子商務市場商業鏈必要的供給與需求。

FedEx is investing in a multitude of innovative technologies – including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and more.  But at the heart of our SME focus is ensuring the right infrastructure to help deliver global e-commerce. That’s why we support region-wide initiatives to nurture a future-ready workforce for the new disrupted economy, by putting in place the right digital framework and digital business-friendly regulation.

Integrating Physical and Digital Infrastructure is Key

The latest ASEAN SME Transformation Survey said SMEs who are open to innovation and transformation, raising efficiencies, attracting talent and strengthening their offerings are the ones most likely to thrive in the digital economy. It found 60% of ASEAN SMEs are now keen to invest in technology to drive business performance, giving priority to IT such as software over conventional fixed asset spending.

Yet for all the amazing results from digital investment so far, lasting economic transformation can only happen by fully integrating both the physical and digital elements of infrastructure.

There are no apps or innovations that can replace aircraft, trucks or other infrastructure that underpin the physical transportation and delivery of goods.But together, physical and digital infrastructure can deliver a sustainable future for Asia’s SMEs, one that provides for more inclusive growth than ever before.
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